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Welcome to Quartz Quarter Horses

What is a quarter horse?

He’s half a ton of poised and controlled energy, held on an easy rein

and a hair trigger.

He’s a working man who can earn his keep on the range all week – and be a handsome dandy at the track on Sunday afternoon.

He’s proud when he runs & he can whip the tears from the corners of your eyes and plaster your hat brim against the crown.

He’s big in the haunches, supple in the withers, stout in the neck and wide

across the chest... to hold his great heart.

He’s cow-smart and brave – though sometimes a clown, and to the man

with sky in his eye and mud on his boots the

quarter horse is a faithful hand... and a friend.

Rex Cauble Crockett, Texas.

The quarter horse.

To really know your quarter horse, let’s start by determining just what kind of an animal he is.

99_Ray & Abbie 1.jpgFirst of all, he is a friendly, companionable animal. He is easy going and gentle, yet rugged. He’s good looking, strong, intelligent and is generally recognized as the most versatile of all breeds.

He’s compact, handsome, conformation features a short back, powerful driving muscles, low knees and hocks, and a short broad head with widest, intelligent eyes, topped off by small, alert ears. He is 14.3 to 15.1 hands and 1100 to 1300 pounds. The colour of a quarter horse is made up of 14 base colours from chestnut, bay, black, buckskin to red and blue roans and the well known palomino. White markings on the legs and face but not on the body.

He got his name for his speed over a short distance. “A quarter of a mile”. But he’s the world’s finest cutting horse, roping horse, rodeo horse and all purpose ranch horse and he’s a first rate show horse. Competing in showmanship at halter, western pleasure, Hunter under saddle, western riding, trail horse, reining, pole bending, working cow horse, working hunter, jumping, polo and many many more including pony clubs and trail riding. Making him the most versatile horse and biggest breed register in the world.

This is why Bruce and I decided that the quarter horse was the breed that we wanted to fulfil our dream of breeding a horse for the New Zealand equine scene.

With an English riding background of eventing and showing horses it was a nice change to have a horse in the paddock that I didn’t have to ride every day to have a safe and enjoyable ride. The other reason we decided on the quarter horse was because both of us as kids dreamed of the cowboy horse.

So we decided we wanted to fulfill other people’s dreams of this style of horse, a “sure footed cow pony”

So in 2000 we bred to a stallion called Docs Desperado, a stunning palomino, cutting blood lines, then in 2002 he finally ended up in our paddock so that is when we really started with Doc and a handfull of mares. Showing the progeny from one end of the south island to the other. Sadly in 2012 we had to say goodbye to our very good friend and gentleman, Doc’s Desperado. But he has left a long line of progeny that have won in the show ring and in people’s hearts and left a lasting impression on the quarter horse breed in the south island.

With Bruce’s job which gets him spending 6 months of the year on the other side of the world, we needed a stallion that was easy to handle, easy to show if we felt like it and easy to have around the farm and safe, Doc was easy and safe and fun, but we needed to move forward in our breeding program and Pawsitively Hot Chocolate was bought. A stricking bay stallion, 14.3hh, kind eye and a smooth way about him. His floating movement and nice mind would be a perfect cross with the Desperado fillies that we have kept. Then another dream was formed.

This web site was formed after the loss of Docs Desperado in 2012, the start of a new chapter in breeding quarter horses and making people smile and making their dreams come true.

Photos are memories; each photo in this web site tells its own story, that is why there are few words. Enjoy and if you are interested in being part of the Quartz team and sharing our special dream, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

happy riding cheers Denise & Bruce